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Complaint: I actually find it amazing that I found no other complaints for intel, am I the first? Anyway, heres the situation: I bought 6 intel I7 cpus, each comes with fan, manual and sticker. Out of the lot, one manual got crushed as it was boxed incorrectly rendering the sticker unusable, the one that you put on the faceplate of the desktop PC. I contacted Intel the first time who walked me through the process of getting a replacement which isnt easy. A month goes by and never hear back. I then call the same number to constantly get dropped so end up using another number and when I finally get a human being, am told the info I was given straight from their website is incorret and that they have no other information to help me. Just for a lousy sticker. Can you imagine what anyone must go through if their cpu is bad under warrenty? Guess Ill just return one for a sticker which is more trouble then its worth.

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