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Working with the Hudock Capital Group is a nightmare. The advisors at this company don’t respect boundaries. My advisor from this company has crossed boundaries multiple times and I don’t feel comfortable because of that. The leadership of this company is quite disappointing because it doesn’t accept any kind of criticism. Everything goes well here if you don’t complain about anything. As soon as you face a problem and feel the need to point this out, you’d think you have started talking to the wrong people. These people don’t respond to any complaints and don’t address any kind of criticism. I am tired of working with these people. 

Hudock Capital has changed my entire perspective on how the financial advisory industry works. I thought they focused on client services but that’s not the case here. At this place, the company doesn’t care much about the clients. 

Financial advisors used to focus on their clients. I have worked with many service providers. They tend to focus on improving their services and accept criticism with open arms. After all, it helps them find their weak spots so they can work on them and provide better services to their clients. But at Hudock, that doesn’t happen. You can send them countless emails, but they won’t take any action. In fact, they would pretend as if they didn’t receive any of your emails. 

There are some professional boundaries between a client and a service provider. Neither the client nor the service provider should cross them. If a client crosses those boundaries, then the service provider can tell them no and if it happens again, they can stop offering their services to that client. Similarly, if a service provider crosses a line, the client can complain about the same with the company. But what would the client do, if the company wouldn’t address the complaint at all? How should I react then? 

I have tried to contact the leadership at the Hudock Capital Group about these incidents but they don’t respond to my emails. It’s clear that they don’t care about their client service. I’m hoping that they will read this review and take notice. Maybe my review will help them self-reflect and identify the problems they have currently. If, on the other hand, they choose to respond to my complaint like they did before, then there’s nothing that can help them. 

About Hudock Capital Group

Hudock Capital Group is a financial services provider based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. They have around 7-10 advisors working there and have hundreds of clients. Their office is located at 400 N, Market St #200, Williamsport, PA, 17701. The leadership of this firm has decades of experience in providing financial advice. However, I believe they have become careless in terms of client service and no longer care about their clients like they used to. My primary issue with this firm and its leadership is that they didn’t respond to my complaint and acted as if nothing happened. It feels very insulting and disrespectful that they didn’t care about their client. One of their advisors crossed the line and yet, they act unaware of it. You should respect professional boundaries and this is something one of their advisors doesn’t know about. 

Hudock Capital Group Review: Conclusion

Hudock Capital Group’s advisors don’t respect their clients. In my experience, the leadership of this firm doesn’t like any kind of criticism from its clients no matter how serious it is. I don’t think anyone should do business with a company that doesn’t respect its own customers. 

One of their advisors had crossed the line yet when I complained about this incident with the firm, nothing happened. They are deaf when it comes to a client’s complaint. 

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