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Complaint: Hugh Magennis quoted us a price on a large project in Toronto. We trusted him so we didnt ask for a second opinion. The project was for several million dollars and required a large deposit and funds to be placed in escrow. Once we paid his company the deposit, he left to Costa Rica and he doesnt return our phone calls or answer our emails. This was in October, 2014. We think he is living somewhere in Langosta or Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We are suing him and his company Design Economics Ltd and we have to wait until the litigation is over to get our money back that is in escrow. The deposit was for several hundred thousand dollars in which we hope to recover but he probably spent it on properties in Costa Rica. We have found several other people Hugh Magennis has scammed by contacting the local Toronto police and court house. The list is quite long. Please let us know if you have been scammed by Hugh Magennis or his company Design Economics Ltd. We have supplied the most recent photo we could find. Hugh has a South African accent and the right side of his face and right eye is a damaged from a beating he received from screwing over previous clients, we think. He tells everyone it was from a stroke. Please return our money Hugh and change your ways.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 220 Duncan Mill Road, Ste. 301 toronto, Ontario Canada


Phone: (416) 441-9855

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