Hughes & Associates, LTD Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin Review


This company is my condo association company that I’m currently renting from. The people who own condo’s and are on the association are basically stalkers and harassers! This company and these individuals have tried putting fines on me for things that i’m not even doing. Because I own an aggressive breed of dog and I’m a renter, they’ve pretty much made me a target and have been coming after me for over a year for all kinds of different things. The fines have gone from my dogs supposedly being outside alone and not on leashes, so just roaming the entire property, to the most recent stating that I left a piece of unwanted mail in the mail room and now I was being fined $50 dollars for doing so. All of which I HAVEN’T done! The biggest issue has been the condo association home owners walking up by my property. They would walk their dogs right in front of my doors so my dogs would go crazy every single day. Practically be up on my patio! When I had a hearing to fight this, the condo association, Dennis Hughes, told me that all grass was common area and anybody could walk anywhere on it. Then two weeks later they decided that they wanted to replace the sod in front of my condo and told me I was responsible for the cost. That of course being about $650. Now they’ve said they replaced the sod, which they haven’t! I bought grass food and watered it and the grass looks great. They’re still trying to charge me that same amount of money also. Whatever you do…..DON”T buy a condo in Meadowlands Condo’s in Pleasant Prairie

WI. Don’t rent here or they’ll for sure come after you. I’ve talked to people around the complex

and a lot of people have had issues with the condo association. It’s too bad not everyone reports things or maybe things would change! I hope this report helps you.”

5027 Green bay rd Suite 102 Kenosha, Wisconsin United States of America


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