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Complaint: I got a call from HugesNet asking if I was interested in internet service. I was in fact looking for service and asked what they could offer. The lady helping me asked what I would be using it for. I informed her it was mainly for Netflix and surfing the internet. She asked if anyone in my household did online gaming. I said occasionally, but not very often. I asked her how much my monthly bill would be. Once she began her pitch on the different packages her previous question became a red flag to me. I had to cut her off before she got too in depth into the monthly service they offered. I said “Sorry to cut you

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Address: But is this service unlimited data? If this isn’t unlimited data then I am not interested and we don’t have to go any further.”” She informed me that it was unlimited. I specifically remember really questioning this to make sure I understood her correctly. I asked several more questions to be absolutley sure about this. I asked “”It’s completely unlimited? I won’t ever be charged overages or anything like that

Website: this lady was a supervisor and she ended up flat out saying unless I paid to get out of the agreement I wouldn’t be getting out. At this point it was cheaper to take the lowest monthly bill they offered and finish out the contract. Even when contract was up it took me 3 hours on the phone to end my agreement and stop being billed. They even offered to give me a month at the lowest price possible to think about it. I wouldn’t stick around with a company like them even if they were going to give me 6 months for free. Worst service I have ever had. They should be put out of business! Please don’t make the same mistakes I did!!!!”

Phone: right?”” She reassured me serveral times I understood her correctly. I even stopped her again to ask “” My speeds won’t slow down at any point either after a certain point?”” She was firm in saying they don’t do anything like that. With that final question I was sold. I set up a installation date. We didn’t use the internet too much the first month or so. We had just moved in and had a lot on our plate. That second month however I incountered my first problem when I tried to watch Netflix for the first time with the new service. It wasn’t a few minutes into this Documentary when it stopped to load. I didn’t think much of it. But it happened again. And again. These were just quick 10 second loading times either. It was close to being equal amount of time loading to time streaming. I called to ask what the problem was. Customer service said this was unusual and ran some tests and told me I should get a better modem ext ext… Probably the 3rd time calling in I finally was able to speak to someone who actually spoke solid English and I could have a decent conversation with. This guy asked me some questions like what I use internet for. I told him how I was only trying to watch Netflix. He ended up addmiting to me that the internet they provided wasn’t “”ideal”” for streaming. Luckily I wasn’t much of a gamer because I later found out you basically couldn’t use this service for gaming. He also dropped the bomb on me that I didn’t in fact have unlimited data service. I tried getting out of my contract. Every time I called to cancel I would be on hold for hour or more and then instead of walking me through cancelation they would tell me to try troubleshooting with a tech and if that didn’t work I could get out of the contract without any fees. Few other phone calls ended in being “”upgraded”” for free which would make my speeds much faster. Well speeds were never even tolerable and the upgrade for free wasn’t. After that billing cycle I started getting charged for it. My internet was useless. We honestly didn’t even use it. Not having wi-fi was better than dealing with that frustrating internet. I soon realized after about the 5th call to cancel that it wasn’t going to be that easy. I either pay cancellation fees or try “”one more thing”” and if it doesn’t work then they would let me out of my 2 year agreement. The final time I called I told the lady nothing you can do will change my mind I want out. You guys rip people off and you lie to customers. She implied that I was only trying to get out of the agreement for free and why would I have had the service this long (4 months away from finishing up my 2 year agreement). She didn’t listen to me when I told her the strategies they used to bleed a few more months out of me at a time. I told her another reason was at times I would go months on end forgetting I had internet service. It wasn’t used because it didn’t work and the bill came right out of my account. I didn’t feel like I was paying for a service

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