HughesNet (Internet Services)


Complaint: Misrepresentation about their internet speeds. They will blame the customer for using too much data. Data plans are VERY pricey for very little data. Slowest internet service Iu2019ve ever experienced. Others have mentioned the same thing. They claimed to be the only provider in the area. This is a lie. It may have been true in 2004 when the area here was a barren desert. Now there are multi billion dollar companies in this exact locale. I told the Hughesnet rep. I was going to use Veracity. She questioned me as to what they offered. I was initially going to transfer my contract to my new location (literally moved a street over). She said it would costs $250 and a one year contract. When I said I would simply cancel she said she would waive the additional year. I didnu2019t want to pay $250 to transfer garbage. I told her that the plan I had should have been $59. She claimed we used too much data and it was one fault service was slow. My bill was up to $120/month so they were billing me for something. She told me to cancel I would have to remove the transmitter from the dish (on the roof)…I told her that was not possible. She said a contractor of theirs would but to remove the transmitter it would be $150 and some additional cost up remove the dish, which would not tell me. Very rude, non-apologitic, no concessions for horrendous service…. During a winter storm earlier in the year their dish moved and they wanted TO CHARGE me to have if recalibrated. Very anti-costumer! Dishes get moved by nature constantly, they could at least do their job and tend to these things in locations we cannot reach as leg of their service. The installer himself was very defensive. He said it was great service, that he had it himself, and I canu2019t compare apples and oranges – meaning them and fiber optic….so again, the focus was on defending their excessively expensive, unnecessary in this area, and horrible service, along with ensuring I knew I as the customer was the problem. To cancel cost me close up $500.00 I am in fear of this company and what else they many do to me financially because they are unethical, unscrupulous, and not costumer oriented. Do not use them under any circumstance!

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Address: Utah United States



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