Hulett Environmental Services ethics Florida Review


Just wanted to share some inside info in regards to Hulett Environmental Services.First, is when you have a yearly termite renewal this company does a “perimeter spray”” by label it is not required but the company does it anyways

it’s nice because it gives the customer a piece of mind

the issue I had was the termite technician stating that they just sprayed water. Something that was mandated is to increase the initial price $50 over what our book price was for all internet leads because we already new that the customer had a $50 coupon. Also one pest control tech at the company also mentioned how he makes his own treatment methods mixing pest chemicals and not going by the label which makes it very unsafe for your family.A bit of what goes on at Hulett wasn’t so severe

but definatley some issues that need to be addressed.”

Orlando, Florida United States of America

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