Huma Ahmed Adnan Food Stuff Trading [HFS] Review


The Huma Ahmad Adnan Foodstuff manager Mr Adnan is cheated us and he took the Lamb from us and given cheques to our deliveryman at his office in 205 Alhuda Building frij murar behind Latifa mosque Near Shahji Restaurant he given us cheques named some one Anwar Hussain still unpaid and he also introduced us when he visit our shop as Anwar husain we recognize him having his photograph in our shop cameras neither Mr Ebadur rehman purchase us any thing neither Aliana Trading LLC have purchase any thing we recognized this person whos photo is below name ADNAN visit us as Anwar Hussain and later we get info the photo given as below is Adnan cheated us he took delivery at his office and given us bogus cheques.

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