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Three and a half years ago, I started debt settlement with Huron Law Group. I have been nothing but disappointed ever since. Within months, I was being sued by Discover bank, when I called the person I spoke with admitted they knew that Discover would sue instead of settle, as they always do. I feel I should have been given this information beforehand. They then raised my monthly payments to cover the cost of the lawsuit, which they settled at 80%. They saved me NOTHING on this debt, and actually cost me more than the debt itself with all of their fees, and the fact that I now have to pay income taxes on the 20% that was “forgiven” in the lawsuit. A year after “settling”, they have payed off another debt, the smallest of the remaining three, but have yet to pay off the other two in the program. They have only done half of what they said they would do, and now want me to extend the program for another year but can’t guarantee that they will be able to settle the rest of my debts if I do so. I am supposed to be out of debt and finished with their program next month, but now it looks like it’ll be another year. They give nothing but empty promises. I’ve paid them over $16,000 already and all they have done is “settle” half that in debt. IT IS A SCAM!!! I would not recommend Huron Law Group to ANYONE looking for a good debt settlement company. They will lie to you, take your money, and get away with it, because they are lawyers. And since they are lawyers, there is nothing you can do about it. GO WITH ANYONE ELSE!

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