Hydrolux & Cellvia Vancouver British Columbia Review


This is a scam I ordered a free trial of Hydrolux and Cellvia on Saturday Aug 6, 2016. I received two confirmation orders (one for each product) from an e-mail address ([email protected]). Since that was not the website where I had placed the order, I searched the internet and saw the Ripoff Scamss regarding these two products. On the same day (Sat Aug 6 2016) at 2:45 EST I replied to each e-mail confirmation requesting cancellation of my order. I then received two e-mails from different e-mail address ([email protected]) indicating that my requests had been received and they were being reviewed by support staff, they had assigned a number to each of my requests I then tried to find a customer support number, attempted my-forever-beauty.com, and it was a website I had never seen before. When I clicked on “Send my bottle”” it took me to a page that does explains you will be billed after 14 days and from then on every month

untill you cancel. There is also a Customer Support number. The scam is that when you initially place your order

you are never taken to this internet address

therefore you believe it is a “”Free”” trial On Sunday Aug 7

at 11:00 AM EST

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