I am one of those people who fell for the Unaico scam. THIS IS A PAINFUL STORY and PLEASE, do learn


This is something I actually was really ashamed of for a really long time. I even hesitated to tell this story to my wife for months. My therapist Colin told me I need to share my experience ‘cos it will help me overcome it if I warn people about it and help to prevent the same thing happening to them.
I always wanted to be a part of something big and become an important cog in a big company. That’s the main reason I fell for the scam presented by UNAICO. I attended a presentation they had and swallowed a story that they were a successful company based in Asia and are looking to become relevant in the States as well. They impressed me with stats, numbers; they even made some slideshow about how they sponsor AC Milan School of football.
These scammers did their homework and told me exactly what I wanted to hear. All of their points made sense to me and what I especially liked was the chance to advance in the company if I work hard at it. They presented a couple of options and I opted for the best option. This is where I should have thought a bit more about it. The package I bought into was $2199 and for that, I bought a chance to recruit people for the company as well. Little did I know that what I actually was buying is the right to make other people’s life miserable!
So they pampered me and took my money and I started “working” for the company, advertising their shitty shop and recruiting people to join as well. But what I later realized is that I never fully understood what the company’s area of business actually was. And till this day, I still don’t understand how I could have neglected to realize it. And honest to god, I am thankful that none of my friends listened to me and that none of them wanted to join. I WOULD KICK MYSELF FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE if any one of my friends got scammed because of me.
This scam in total took me for a little over $4000 over the course of a year, but the real damage was the impact I had on the people around me. I was obsessed by these fuckers and kept bothering all the people around me including my family to join and that they are missing out on a great opportunity. I must have looked like one of those crazy cult members that were preaching some crazy religion and everyone got sick of me. And I was stigmatized because I was that into their bullshit.
All the people I met through this bullshit scam actually lost their money. There were at least a dozen of people from Colorado alone that I knew who lost more than a thousand dollars. And all that money was going upwards. Well, they did mention an upward profit stream; we just didn’t realize what they actually meant.
We actually were in the middle of the regional meeting when the news broke that the main people behind our company were frauds and criminals with previous convictions. We were all struck by lightning in the middle of that room and I still get together with a couple of those people.
When I meet my friends outside the company, they always make fun of me and I put on a fake smile, but when I meet those guys that went through the same shit, we are not laughing. These bastards really got me.
Not only did they scam me out of the money I earned doing real hard work, they messed with my life in every other aspect and they really did some serious damage. I bear the responsibility for letting them do it in the first place but these fucks did this to who knows how many people!
Well, there is justice and these fuckers are being prosecuted all over the world. Their assets will be seized and they will serve time in prison. And the more news I hear about these greedy fuckers being exposed, the better I feel about myself and that’s why I am writing this.
Learn from my mistakes and if these guys resurface again under some other name, just report them to the authorities. For as long as they can cheat people and no one stops them, that’s what they will do!

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