IADT Tampa Review


I enrolled in IADT to complete my graphic arts degree in 2015. I feel as though the school is deceptively reassuring throughout the recruiting and courses. Students are made to feel as though they will find work in the graphic design field.I was even offered job opportunities by instructors that were never delivered, even after several attempts on my part to follow up on said opportunities. It has been a year since my graduation. Several potential employers have refused to hire me based on the online reputation of IADT. Not because my portfolio or my demeanor, but for the credibility of the school that I attended. I feel very conflicted about paying $25,000 for a 4.0 design degree that is hurting me more than helping me. I am in a tough place now. The design field where I live is extremely competitive. It is nearly impossible to get a decent design job without a degree on your resume. I just don’t think it is right to do all the hard work to better yourself, just to have it put you in a worse position then you were in the first place. I hope more people speak up.

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