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First off, I met these guys on craigslist. They called and emailed me saying they could make a mobile app for me. I believed them. That was my first mistake. They are frauds. I told them I didn’t have much money and could only pay them in equity to build an app. I was soon disappoined in a free service. Ibanned.net was the supposed company. I immediately sent them my app designs and vision statement as requested. From there, they sent me back a spreadsheet of the cost associated with making the app. I told them I had planned on raising funds through venture capaitalist to pay for thier services, they agreed. However, they kept changing the price of their services. From 100k to 18k. Felt like they were just guessing even though they said they have done it before. | The first month we skyped and went over what it would take to make this app work. They said my job was to sketch designs. Even though, I sent them exactly what I wanted in the app, but I am maliable so I decided to follow thier lead. They promised a beta app to pitch to investors. A few weeks went by I didn’t hear back from them about the beta. So I messaged them and let them know I haven’t heard from them in a while. A week later they responded back telling me I needed to change my app design. I did so and emailed them a new design. A weeks later they emailed me another design rebuttling my design. It was hedious and seemed as if they had thrown together an hour before emailing me it. Afterwards, I sent them another design mixing my first few designs and sent it to them. That was the last I heard from them. | The next month which is the current month. August 31, 2016. I still have not heard back from them. They promised an app and a beta. All i recieved was spreadsheet detailing cost and a one design that was terrible. I have sent them three designs through our short time on the project. However, I came to find out they are not the programmers makeing the app like they made themselves seem. They were just middle men, hiring people in India. They knew I was looking from programmers to work on the app and they made themselves seem like they personally coded it. | To summarize: | They outsource thier work but make it seem as if they work in house | They will accept you and your designs as a client but will change your work to whatever they feel makes more sense to them | They will not communicate with you unless you instigate it. | You will have to work around their schedule even though they contacted you first and you are the client. | The two guys Alex and Nikkta are not be trusted with your work and or money. Ibanned.net is not a professional company.

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