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I first was contacted in March of 2017 by Alpha Marketing Group LLC for an at-home business opportunity within independent merchant services. | They charged me money to set up (What I now know is bogus) a web site to attract small business owners to acquire & start merchant accounts and /or to become an independent merchant rep at home. | What I find very odd is that the same contact from Alpha Marketing Group LLC contacted me again with in a week of me paying for the bogus web site, to solicit a leads package which costed $5000 but on my credit card statement, it reads “IWDCC”. | Then Effective Design Solutions called me in the same month, to set me up with an ad placement package for $3000. Totally bullshit as well. They get you on the long contract they send to you via email and you Docusign for it using electronic signiture. | Then IBC Strategies contacts me, the person calling me says he’s from Effective Design Solutions claiming my file showed up on his desk becasue I wasn’t making any income (really??) and that he could change that by sending pre-qualified leads to my web site for $3500. | Bottomline, I was scammed and it took me a while to realize that. | I filed formal complaints with the Arizona BBB, Arizona Attorney General, and The FTC. | Alpha Marketing Group LLC did eventually refund the $214.95 they charged me for the bullshit web site. The Arizona Attorney General referred me to the site azsos . gov / scripts / nph-TS_Search_engine.exe which shows you whether or not a telemarketing company is registered or not. | I am still currently pursuing to get my money back from Effective Design Solutions and IBC Strategies.

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