Ibitpro Florida


Complaint: Bitpro claimed that they were an online broker that invested in Forex trading with Bitcoins. With an initial investment they would recommend trades to be placed on their platform and you would be paid in bitcoins if the trades win ( minus a 20% fee). After winning a few minor trades your account would show if you won or lost the trade. After winning a few minor trade they would ask for a bigger cash ( Bitcoin) investment to place , what they called, a guaranteed trade. These trades were backed by them, so if you lost they would recover your lost back into your account. Eventually you would win most of these trades and you account will grow pass $25,000 and you would become a next level investor. They would try to get you to make another large deposit for another guarenteed trade and sure enough you would lose that trade. Eventually you would start losing more and more trades and when you try to cash out the website won’t let you. Customer service would be non exsistant and the phone line would not connect your call. This company and it tactics are a scam!! Beware they may have changed their company name by now.

Tags: Brokerage Companies, CryptoCurrency, E-trade, Internet Fraud

Address: 3601 Wall Street New York, New York United States

Website: ibitpro.com/

Phone: 1 347-467-6550

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