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Complaint: This is the second time I have to report a scam with ICertGlobal Trainers and students: BEWARE: This company low balls their trainers and promises to pay them, we go train for a very reduced price in hopes of getting more work and then they NEVER PAY US! The Students are not happy and tell me they thought they were going to get ripped off because they kept cancelling the class. ITIL Foundation. I provided a two day training in good faith in Houston almost three months ago and to this day NOTHING. I have called them multiple times and each time they have an excuse for not paying me. One lady named Leena promised that if i removed my scam report she would pay me. I told her that I would remove it when they paid and it actually hit my bank or paypal! That was almost a month ago. One man said he would make sure that I was paid in 20 minutes after I pleaded my case. He never called back and never paid. I am having to hire an attorney to go after these people. TRAINERS DO NOT LET THEM TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. From now on I am going to ask for payment in advance.

Tags: Computer Training & Education

Address: Internet United States


Phone: 713-518-1852

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