Ignacio De Vicente Egido Review


Ignacio De Vicente Egido Upfront Money Scams, Spain, Mallorca. He is affiliated with: Arcis Engineering, Arcis Holding Group Ltd, BVI., Arcis International Trust S.A. And many more other companies he uses to hide his name. These companies above and many other companies are companies where he will funnel your money/upfront fees he collects from clients. It gets funneled fast to survive and pay back older clients while paying his own bills. Before Investing your hard earned cash, call those who were put through the grinder Warning on advanced fees: Federal Trade Commission on front fee warning: www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0078-advance-fee-loans Advanced Fee Loan Scam: fraud.org/scams/direct-marketing/advance-fee-loans Ignacio has managed to get $548K from 2 US clients at the beginning of the year 2015. They paid him $548K, he promised to get them each a syndicated loan for 20 Million USD for a grand total of 40 Million USD. Then offered another 30 million on top of 20 million for now a grand total of 50 million USD. 6 weeks elapsed and he failed to deliver according to his contract. After many more weeks, he still has not delivered. He lures them by promising them some crazy structure with Insurcance binder and SLS portfolio and magical stuff that only he can do so that they walk away after 10 years from repaying back the principal of the loan. Who would say no to a loan where you never pay back the principal amount of the loan. He promises a low yearly interest payment and very low closing cost but he asks for hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront. He promises to use insurance to do some miracles. He pressures clients and pushes them to send money fast. As soon as he meets them on the phone, he starts pressuring the brokers in the middle about spending money. He tells them that he has already spent a lot of money on the clients when in reality it was just the first phone call. he pressures the clients, he does not give them time to think the deal through. He is very aggressive. He makes up stories that because of the discussions he had with them, he had already engaged employees to work on their deal, he tells them he is already incurring expenses because of the clients. Again, this is all a strategy to get money out of the clients pockets. The clients being pressured send the funds out fast and lose them all. He offers insurance binders and asks clients to pay upfront but in reality no insurance or financial institution in the world will ever charge anyone upfront money for a binder or for a loan until the loan is actually delivered. No bank will ever make you pay upfront to deliver a loan. If you ask Ignacio proof of funds, he will tell you he funded billions of dollars in loans. he says he owns half of europe and funded anything in europe. Ignacio has screwed lots of people out of millions of dollars and it is very difficult to get your money back in Mallorca. Mallorca laws are very different than those of the US and many other countries. What is considered a 20 year life sentence in the US, he’s only a slap on the hands in Mallorca. Mallorca harbors many fugitives which are freely roaming the country without impudence and Ignacio will attest to that.

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