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Received an email for pain control and they claimed there was no THC at all in their product. I clicked to get my trial started and as I continued it kept adding more items with no box to decline. I went back to first page and tried to find a way to find out more and how I might just get the one product. I found a page where it admitted their product had minimal traces of THC as not every molicule can be removed. At that point since I am on a pain contract i decided it was not for me and without going to the final page which was confirm your order I closed the page, To my surprise 2 days later I received an order confirmation and talking to custumer service was a waste of time. All I got was a sales pitch even when I told them I never made it to the order confirmation page, just the 2nd page where they kept adding more items to the trial they just kept telling me it don’t cost that much, no big deal. | I told them I didn’t actually order it nor do I want to order it, so quit giving me a sails pitch, and let me talk to a supervisor. No supervisor able to come to phone, I help you I will. I told them I didn’t need to hear the sales pitch for the 30th time . Just kept repeating the sales pitch. Never got my money back . Dont even click on page if you do you will get a bank withdrawl for however many pages you went forward. I stopped at pg 2 before closing the ad and got billed for two items. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone I did get a cancelation number for each item I have to pay to return or they will continue to bill me the full amount. 11 dollars for something I never ordered to begin with, and another 10 bucks to send it back or they will charge me 130 dollars more.

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