IHOP Hixson Tennessee


Complaint: MY boyfriend, my bestfriend, some cowrokers, and I all went to IHOP tonight after work like we usually do. These people know who we are by now, or should at least. Well today, they had a donation egg out, where if you donate a dollar to the big brothers/big sisters than you recieve an egg with a proze. My egg had a 20% card in it, and we wanted to use it. My boyfriend gave it to the waitress and she very rudely says you have to donate a dollar. He replyed we did. It was no big deal after that until we went to leave. Apparently the manager on duty did not believe we donated a dollar, and as I walked by I overheard her speaking to my waitress about how we did not donate a dollar. Unfortunatly for her, I am not a liar or a thief for that matter, though they coincide. So, I took another dollar and told the woman to watch me put this one in and told her it was only because I liked the big brothers/big sisters, even though I had already put a dollar in. Then I told her to keep her prize egg and left. I felt that was completely rude and discriminitory towards me because I am a nineteen year old. But I always donate a dollar to all organizations of good cause, and I always will, except if IHOP is doing the fund raising. Christina Hixson, TennesseeU.S.A.

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Address: HWY 153 Hixson, Tennessee U.S.A.



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