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Complaint: I took my daughter to dinner at Ihop. I have never been to Ihop and we had seen their recent Dr. Seuss themed ads on TV. Tonight at about 7:15, my daughter and I arrived there. I noticed the entry way floor was really dirty and all of the door glass, but ignored it as I know Sunday is a busy day doe diner -type restaurants. The restaurant was only about 1/4 full, but still we waited sometime to be seated. I ordered a cheeseburger combo with seasoned fries and a side salad with coffee. My daughter ordered the same combo with a children’s ‘beezlenut’ drink, a Dr. Seuss themed drink. The salads were fine. The coffee was obviously old, warm and very bitter. I asked for a new carafe. The waitress insisted she had just brewed it-was very snippy- but would bring another. The next carafe was hot, but still tasted terrible. The food came soom after and I was willing to let the coffee issue go. I turned to the side to get to my purse on the booth seat and noticed, then, all the food pieces and crumbs in the space where the bench meets the seat and food on the floor. I was beginning not to like the state of cleanliness or lack thereof. My daughter then asked me for the side garnish to my burger. I then saw the black hair on the tomato. I started to feel nauseous. A waitress came by and asked if everything was ok. I said no and mentioned the coffee and the hair. She said she would send out a manager. She came back, no manager came. She stated she would replace the food or credit us for the coffee and the 1 burger. I had eaten 2 bites from my burger, my daughter’s was untouched and she had drank about 1/3 of her drink. She had eaten her fries, I had eaten most of mine. I said that wasn’t satisfactory. The waitress said she would send the manager out, yet again. We waited, no one came, so we left. The waitress came out to the parking lot and knocked at my car window. I rolled it down and explained that I wasn’t waiting for anyone else and I wasn’t paying. She then called the manager on her cell phone. He then came out- a blonde in a chef’s uniform who appeared to be about 20 years old. I explained about 4 times why I wasn’t paying and he kept saying “I’m just trying to understand””. He kept demanding that I pay for something. I felt like a prisoner in the parking lot!! I mentioned that I found it highly unusual that I had been followed out to my car. Further harassment definitely made my first Ihop experience worse. They finally “”let me go””. It was terrible. I was very upset. Tracy Kenmore

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Phone: 2236 Delaware Ave Bufffalo, New York U.S.A.

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