iig promotions Huntersville North Carolina Review


We received a letter saying we could get airline tickets for 2 anywhere in the US. We called, made an appointment knowing it was a sales pitch. We got our voucher for the tickets as well as a 3 day, 2 night stay and a 4 day cruise offer. When we received the confirmation voucher from the sales woman at the pitch we went to she apologized immediately saying that “these people are really bad when it comes to customer service and it seems like they want people to give up.”” I filled out the confirmation voucher

paid the $4.95 fee and received emails back with the information we needed to get online. We did everything they asked

plotted out the dates within the massive restrictions they impose on everyone and at the end printed out the new email we received confirming what dates and destinations we chose along with a fee total of $150 for processing. I checked one of the emails and made sure I could send a personal check like I had done for the $4.95 fee originally which was cashed successfully. The terms and conditions said I could use a check and I wrote one out. On 22 August

I received my check back along with 2 letters

one for the airline tickets offer and the other for the 3 day stay explaining why my account was on hold. One said “”Your travel request date is under advance notice. Your certificate has been placed on hold.”” The other said “”You have not sent in the appropriate method of payment. Personal checks are not accepted.”” I was floored! I looked back on the emails and it turns out one you can use a personal check

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