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These people at iitjobs have harassed me for my payments, its been months that they have not paid my expenses as as well as my due payment. The company I was working has released my complete payment for my work as well as my expenses but these people have not released me my payments. I have called them repeated number of time but no one picks up the phone, but when I call from other number they pick up the call. They said they have an office in Freemont at “39270 Paseo Padre Parkway, Ste # 107” “Fremont – CA – 94538” which I didnt found one. They have been doing all frauds. They are involved in illegal HR practice. They dont generate payroll for there candidates and they charge the candidates for filling for H1B and converting it into GC. The lead guy in iitjobs is Shobhan Shah, and he is one hell of a guy and complete shrud guy. He will talk all good stuff before placing you and once u get a project through him he would make you beg for your own money. I had to literally beg for my money and atlast had to leave my money. I still have approx $ 20, 000 pending to this guy and his company. They use to pay me after 3-4 months from my due dates. I would like to bring it to notice to all the people and make you aware of these people.

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