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The owner of this website is a foul-mouthed, ripoff artist that thinks is he’s “God’s gift” to the world of FTA receivers. He’s actually no more than a common, low-life thief that hacks Dishnet, Bell Canada, and Direct TV programming and then resells it to unsuspecting patrons. He also promises to sell you famous, good-quality, name-brand receivers but then he sends you a fake, over-priced, no-name satellite receivers – all of which are made in China – that do NOT work AT ALL!! The same goes for his “Mag boxes” too! Meanwhile he pockets your money and laughs all the way to the bank. Don’t bother asking for a refund either – that’s when he turns into a raging, foul-mouthed lunatic! He’s supposedly located in Canada so he thinks he’s “safe from prosecution”. He’s apparently too stupid to know is that SOME of us can find him wherever he is! LAW-BE-DAMNED!!

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