Iím never even contacting Sugar Land Plastic Surgery.

Iím never even contacting Sugar Land Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Nguyen is a bastard. I said it, he is a crook. He doesnít do the procedures himself and his staff is too terrible at its job. The staff lacks any sense of professionalism too. They messed up my face pretty bad through their horrible Botox treatment.

They have a terrible staff with pathetic people. No one pays attention to the patients and Dr. Nguyen doesnít do any procedures himself. At least he didnít do any procedures on me. They canít manage the appointments properly as well. I wonder why that is. When I had visited the clinic, it was for a Botox treatment. You know, they help you get puffier lips and help you get rid of wrinkles and all. Well, when I got there, I had to wait there for nearly an hour. And thatís AFTER my time of appointment. I donít know what they were doing all this time. But anyway, when I finally got to enter the doctorís room, I met Dr. Nguyen and he just left. We didnít even talk. He just acknowledged that I was there and left the room. I waited there for 10 minutes nearly then a nurse came in the room.

She told me to relax and then she started doing all the prep work. When I asked her when the doctor would come back she just giggled. I didnít think that was funny but she did. Then she says, ďOh, you donít know? Dr. Nguyen wonít be doing this procedure. Iím doing it.Ē I was like, ďWhoa, whoa, wait for a second, I came here to get the treatment from Dr. Nguyen and not some nurse.Ē She told me to relax and that Dr. Nguyen doesnít do the Botox procedures himself. You know, that was a major red flag right there. If the doctor isnít treating the patient himself then whatís the use of paying him so much? Itís clear to me that the place is fishy. But at that time I just went with the flow and I regret that decision. My whole face is ruined, completely! That wh*re messed up my face so bad that I canít even look in the mirror. My lower lip is swelled up from one side, my cheeks look weird and itís almost as if I suffer from some disease or shit. I hate this disgusting look. When I contacted the clinic of Dr. Nguyen, which is called Sugar Land Plastic Surgery, and told them about my botched treatment they told me to hold the line. Then they made me wait for 5 something minutes and then hung up. they knew I wouldnít visit the place in person because of my horrible-looking face so they didnít even bother to call me back. Thatís no way to treat a patient. This place sucks. Donít go there. This doctor is a crook and his staff is full of ignorant morons and chimps who donít even know what theyíre supposed to do.

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