Image Designer Pembroke Pines Florida Review


I went to the Pembroke Lakes Mall to purchase a personalized photo mug and mouse pad for a first time grandmother for a Christmas gift. The mug was to have a picture and some writing on it. When he showed me the image on the screen, the writing appeared to be Red, which is the color I wanted. He made me pay for the items and told me to come back. When I returned, I looked at the mug and the writing that looked red on the computer screen now appeared to be outlined in blue and you could barely see the red. It looked absolutely horrible, as it was a Christmas mug and blue didn’t fit in at all and I told the vendor so. He told me that I approved it on the screen, so I was basically stuck with it. I even called over another patron in the mall and asked her what opinion on the color was and she said it appread to be red also. nI’m not writing this complaint because of the money, but because of the principal involved. It would have probably cost this guy less than a buck to give me what I paid for, but, instead, he found it necessary to rant on about how much his rent was, which is really not my problem. I don’t care what he says, but the sample I approved had red printing and that’s what I paid for, but not what I got stuck with…If you’re ever in the Pembroke Lakes Mall in Florida and you see this guy’s kiosk.. just keep on walking cause he doesn’t give you what you pay for…. nSusienPembroke Pines, FloridaU.S.A.

Pembroke Lakes Mall Pembroke Pines, Florida U.S.A.



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