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Complaint: This sweepstakes scam company along with other scam companies uses the U.S. Postal Service to send out deceptive materials by and through regular mail to U.S. citizens,including myself. Since July 2010 after fully complying with official game rules no $10,000 company check has been sent to me or received by me through the mail. In fact, after I sent a couple of written requests asking them about the whereabouts of my cash award they have failed to respond at all. When I called the state of New York to the attorney general’s office on or about Sept. 2010. I was given the run around by staff over the phone and directed to contact the state of South Carolina attorney general’s office to log a formal complaint. I don’t understand why I need to log a formal complaint in South Carolina when the sweepstakes scam is coming out of New York. This form of action by scam artist is “obtaining personal property by false pretense”” which appears to be a felony in most states that adds up to possibily thousands of scammed dollars depending on how many U.S. citizens act upon the scam in good faith. This company is terrorizing my “”peace of mind”” knowing no one will stop them. Allowing them to go to the terror of the public and against consumers should be considered unethical

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Address: or at the least immoral. This great nation has laws that protect the rights of both a state citizen and U.S.citizen from these type of acts being committed by predators that are enforceable by the Executive Branch of the governments.”


Phone: p.o. box 9020 Amityville, New York United States of America

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