On they state that if you do not feel the benefits they will refund you 2x the purchase price.
I ordered 2 jars of this product.
My husband didn’t feel it was doing anything positive so I asked to return my unopened jar. I received a check in the mail 3 weeks after they received the product. I noticed it wasn’t double the amount so I decided to call him on it.
There is no contact number listed on the website so I e-mailed him asking to speak to him. He e-mailed me back saying they don’t have a number for service. I asked him why I didn’t receive double my money and that I don’t think that he should say that on his website because it makes you think the product must be great and you are more likely to purchase it.
He said that he was sorry for the ‘confusion’ and that he thought I was just returning the product.
I then replied asking him why he thought I liked something I was returning and that that didn’t make sense. It seems completely obvious to me that I didn’t like the product.
He never responded to my questions.. I demand I asked him why I wasn’t refunded amount that is stated on website.. I don’t recommend them

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