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All of the complaints on here I have experienced as well. Unfortunately the leasing of their credit card terminal becomes effective when you sign for the package from UPS. The lease is for 48 months costing a business $4, 800. The same machine can be bought new for under $5oo. At the end of your lease you may buy the machine for 10% of the total lease amount. So after four years and $4800 you may then buy the machine for what you could have bought it for new. The salesman that came to my office told me that my machine was obsolete and needed to be thrown out. After dealing with all the same complaints as others, plus Capital Processing Network holding funds of mine for ten days, I have decided to crawl back to my previous processing company. Unfortunaltely I have to continue the $4800 lease of the $500 machine but am grateful to get away from Capital Processing after paying a $495 termination fee. At least it will eventually help my credit! To add insult to injury I just received a letter from First Data Global Leasing. It looks as though they are going to charge me property tax and for the cost of paying such tax in my state. To ANYONE whom after reading this still wants to do business with this processing company, one piece of advice. DO NOT SIGN THE LEASE AGREEMENT. You may buy the same machine for yourself or continue using the machine you currently have. That way when you decide to leave them your only penalty is the $495 termination fee.

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