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i and www.premiumwholesale.comnthis company is a complete fraud-i have been with them for over three years and it did not used to be that way-they change names-change locations-all they want from members is to grab your money and never pay any commissions due-i am no longer affiliated with this company-once you give them your money-the company changes the rules-gouges on every item for shipping and once you have been with them awhile and build up a customer base-they make it so hard on you-and suspend all activities associated with your acct and then take over your customers-this company will change its name/s every 1-2 years when people really realize what a fraud they are-all products they sell are not wholesale-they are only dropshippers and all products can easily be bought for much less on the web elsewhere.i guess the only way to describe or compare their service is to compare them to a complete ripoff also ( they are listed in ripoff also ) and this company is no different everything that applies to getestore in the Ripoff Scams applies to this company.if the guy who owns this company sees this i am sure he will rebuttle.he has more excuses than a magpie bird with a mouthful of cherries.hopefully this Ripoff Scams will reach the top of the search engines as most Ripoff Scamss do and be just below their name,saving many people many headaches.of course again they would probably just change names.THIS COMPANY IS A COMPLETE FRAUD. nJimnstow,ohio, OhioU.S.A., Nationwide U.S.A.

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