Impostor Lending Club Corporation


In preparation in moving, I had applied with Lending Club to see if I qualified for loan on 12/10/19, no offers were available at that time. On 12/11/19 I received an email stating I was approved for the amount I was looking, great monthly payments and interest rates. The email stated to call to finalize application process. I called Ronnie Knox, Sr Loan Officer, sender of email and number listed was his “direct line.” Ronnie reviewed application information, everything sounded legit for my experience. I verified my address, DOB, bank account information, etc. It was when he asked for my online bank login information that I got concerned. I hung up. This Ronnie person continued to call and text me. He stated that he needed to confirm my bank account was legit. He also stated that he would deposit an amount of money into my account and I would need to send back via Zelle through my bank. Again I was alarmed. I goggled Lending Club scams but nothing I read resonated with what was occurring. I asked “Ronnie” why I wasn’t able to set up online account as the Lending Club has that option from their website, he avoided answering me. I asked why his number was different than listed on Lending Club website, he said the number he was using was a direct line but he would have his supervisor call from the other number. He asked what the number was on website! I hung up immediately! After arguing with “Ronnie” via phone & text, I repeatedly asked him to stop the loan application, to stop calling me, etc. I changed passwords in bank information, Lending Club website and email. I sent email to Lending Club regarding what had occurred as well as including email “Ronnie” sent. I received a generic email response. “Ronnie” proceeded to text me that money would be deposited 12/12/19 early in the morning and I would need to send back through Zelle that my bank supports, once that is confirmed then the loan amount I requested would be deposited. No money was there the next morning or throughout most of day. About 11pm on 12/12/19 $999 was deposited. I immediately freaked out and proceeded to Zelle app through my bank. I sent money to where he said ( looking back I face palm myself with my haste of actions) I did not want this money, wanted it gone ASAP. Once transaction happened $999 loan plus another $999 was gone out of my account. I panicked however I had to wait till next day to call bank. I did just that on 12/13/19 and after they looked into it, it was determined that check was no good/fraud and had to proceed with fraud department to file claim. I completed paperwork and have to wait 7-10 business days to see if Zelle will work with bank to determine if I can get my money back. My bank recently started working with Zelle so it was undetermined how this case would be handled. As of 12/18/19, check was determined to be fraud, pending amount withdrawn from pending balance of account, fees were assessed to my account and no decision from fraud department yet. Needless to say, I’ve beat myself up mentally for falling for this scam as well as being disgusted by the whole situation. I hope this is resolved as my Christmas present.

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