India Garden Pittsburgh Pennsylvania


Complaint: The manager has had a bad attitude. The only reason I still went there once in a while is because There are not many restaurants around the place I live, and I have no car. The manager of India Garden would definitely assigns a 2-seat table, which is very crowded, if thie customers are the following: (1)a white female or (2)1-2 asians or (3)poor-looking white male In Contrast, the manager always assign a 4-seat table if the customers are the following: (1)1 indian or (2)1 white male I had been their customer in the past 4 years. I usually go to the restaurant by myself, so I paied attention to how the manager assigned seats to his customers. I have asked the manager to let me and my friend to have a 4-seat table in the past one and half year when half of the restaurants were empty, but his replies were: (1)NO or(2)YOU SIT THERE (Demanding) or(3)He told me some non-sense if I asked them for a reason why I and my friend couldn’t have a 4-seat table. Ying-ju Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

Tags: Restaurant Delivery Services

Address: 328 Atwood Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


Phone: 412-682-3000

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