Indiana Packers Corp. Review


I began working for Indiana Packer the beginning of January and I soon realized that although the company takes action for the safety of the employees by providing the proper equipment the health of the employees was severely overlooked. From my personal experience, it was horrible. At the end of January I found out I was pregnant with my second child. Although Indiana Packers is a hard job I powered through the grueling weeks of morning sickness until it really affected me. Note: My supervisors were aware I was pregnant and having a hard time with the awful smell. Around the middle of February I had a really bad dizzy spell and passed out on the floor! So, when I came to I made my way to the first aid office only to be told to sit down, drink some water, and get back on the floor. Also, my blood sugar levels were perfect, as the nurse told me. Well, I informed my trainer of what happened and she was pretty easygoing and understanding. Well another week went by and it happened again although this time I was able to get off the floor as it was happening and ended up passed out on the floor in a bathroom stall only waking 20 mins later. I went straight to the nurses office again and they said everything was fine I just needed to lie down and rest for 10 mins and go back to the floor. It didn’t improve so I informed the nurse and was given an option. Go back to work and risk it again or go home. Needless to say I went home and never came back. Yes, I know getting pregnant was my choice however the nurses in the first aid office and my supervisors/trainers were aware. I informed them as soon as I found out. As most know, pregnancy can take a real toll on a woman’s body and no pregnancy is alike. Indiana Packers regard for the health and wellbeing of pregnant women is severely overlooked. While I worked at the company there was more than 5 women in my department alone that were all expecting. We all were treated the same, as if our bodies weren’t changing and we’re expected to still do tasks that are clearly not meant for us at the time. Such as lifting heavy product and being around chemicals. I’m not saying we should get special treatment, no, but the supervisors should at least make an effort to be aware of what we can and cannot do or shouldn’t do. .

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