Infinity Incentive Group


Paid for ‘free’ cruise and ‘free’ airfares two years ago. Never received them. They claimed they had the wrong e-mail address for us and the offers didn’t go through. Odd though, the original confirmation e-mails came through fine. | Back in May (2015), requested in writing a full refund of all fees for services not delivered. After numerous subsequent follow-up phone calls they claimed that the request was lost in the change-over of their computer system, but the check was being sent. Several calls later, we get the story that the check is being sent out ‘this week’ (it’s now October). Yet another call later — ‘The check is in the mail. Call us in six weeks if you don’t get it.’ Six weeks later, another call — ‘Oh. You just missed this week’s check draft. It’ll go out next week. | Refused to connect with a supervisor — ‘we don’t transfer calls out of the office’. Hung up and took phone service offline. Called back multiple times and got busy signal upon transfer. Eventually, got message — ‘Due to special circumstances, the call center is not working’.

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