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We had an extremely disappointing and disconcerting experience. We purchased the memory gel with phase change thermal cell bed because it was advertised to have better lumbar support. The price was displayed at roughly $2,200.00, which they gladly would have sold it for, but we found it online for about $800.00. The sales person didn’t want to honor that price, trying to make us feel bad for even asking, but they finally did, begrudgingly. The mattress was great for about three months, then it began to soften and develop pockets of laxity. We gave it ample time to see if rotating and a different topper may help the lack of support, but nothing worked. When we started contemplating the purchase of a new mattress, I decided to visit the store and discuss our options. | After some back and forth with the Regional Manager and his attempt to upsell us to a much more expensive mattress, we asked them to come look at ours as we felt it was defective. They came to our home the following day and determined the mattress had irregularities and we believed we’d get a replacement bed, which we needed ASAP. But we had to wait until the following Wednesday. Wednesday came and went, no call. Phone calls to the RM were ignored and not returned. So, I changed my initial Yelp review to a one star as I didn’t want anyone else receiving the same duplicitous, poor, disappointing and unscrupulous treatment we had. | It was after that, we had a conversation with the RM and he said “I actually had a positive outcome for you but now that you changed your review to one star, my hands are tied”. In other words, us exercising our right to educate others resulted in them not honoring the warranty for a defective mattress. I wish the saga ended there, however, the situation turned really bad. I’d emailed the VP of the company asking for some help, and he contacted my company and made untrue allegations. Saying if I wanted to change my yelp review to a one star, then “GAME ON”. How tragic that the VP of a company would try and get a customer fired because they were honest about how they were treated?

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