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SCAM AND FRAUD AT Innovate1 services. Innovate1 services scammed senior citizen age 67yr. They charged $77.00 instead of $30 E-passport renewal fee. All efforts to correct these fraudulent behavior failed. Their support team’s reply is: “Thank you for writing to customer care. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you with a refund, as your reason for refund falls outside of the requirements of our refund policy.” Their website does not provide accurate information and their representatives lie to squeeze senior citizens in. Read my story.
On August 31, 2015 I was provided inaccurate and insufficient information concerning Nigerian E-passport renewal, by INNOVATE1 female representative.

I specifically asked the lady for the procedure for renewing E-passport. She told me to fill an online application on INNOVATE1 site, pay $77.00 fee and send the money order by trackable mail to INNOVATE1 office. She also instructed me to wait for the receipt of the money order, which should be included with my passport to be mailed to the Nigerian embassy of my choice. I specifically asked her whether this would be mailed to the embassy she said ?Yes?.
2. On September 2nd, 2015 INNOVATE1 support team confirmed the receipt of money order
3. On September 4th I called INNOVATE1 office to check the status of my application. It was then the same female representative told me that my application had been submitted, and an interview date was scheduled for September 10, 2015 in Atlanta. This contradicts the earlier information provided by INNOVATE1 team. If this information was provided during our August 31st conversation, I would not have submitted an application nor sent $77.00, since I would be going to Nigeria next month any way. It is unreasonable to travel from Seattle to Atlanta to renew passport.
4. I later learned that the renewal fee is $30.00 and not $77.00
5. There is no specific instruction on how to renew E-passport that clearly states that out of town candidates will need to travel to the Nigerian embassy to renew passport.
6. During this mix-up, I tried to reach out to the Nigerian Embassy in Atlanta for more clarification, but nobody answered the phone. However, a recorded message specified that the
Renewal fee is $30.00 and not $77.00. This should have been stated very clearly on INNOVATE1 website and on the form.
The ethical and honorable thing for you to do is not only to refund my money, but also to revise INNOVATE1 online application forms to provide accurate information and remove any perception of deception.
STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!. I demand Refund of $77.00 and Transparency on website. Stay away

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