Innovative Property Management


Well first let me said the maintenance guy name SAM he think that he own the park … he think he knows everything and he dont. every new mobile home get install by LAW need wind tie downs and for the state of NORTH CAROLINA every mobile home in this park got install after me have it. im the only one dont have i let to the maintenance guy and he said he dont know nothing about it. and i dont need it. by laws should have about 12. | plus is no ilegal sign up in here when first move we put 2,500 to move in. and dont let you known that the 12 years lease you have the first 3 years of rent dont count to the house, is no LAWYER involve at all and no notary at all. every 3 months they have new management because the maintenance guy talk s*** and the get fired. please dont rent in this comunity is no park for the kids and is a very lonly area for kids we make the mistake to move in here after we find out about this park yes this park have a reputation before very bad. take your money to another better place and safe to live with your family…….the management dont care for nothing in here every mobilehome have security system what that let you know……beware……………..

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