Innovative Sound Systems – like Dogg Digital Review


Updated: December 4th, 2001 nInnovative Sound Systems Company does not exist !!!nKnow Scam Brands:nDigital Pro Audio, Acoustic Image, Acoustic Lab Technology, Acoustic Response, Denmark, Digital Dogg Audio, Dynalab nLeads Montreal Area:nGLOBAL AUDIO NETWORK (GLOBAL AUDIO LTD)nLINDSTROM, FRANOISn1st Shareholdern827, LAKESHORE DR. H9S 2C7nDORVAL QC nGlobal Audio Network (Global Audio Ltd)n4800 cote Vertu blvd, St-Laurentn514-339-1161nManager ( Head scammer ) : Jeremy BrownnHead Scammer’s Cell # : 613-263-1786n Office empty 30 ov/01 nLes Ventes LTS lten8012 Jarry E., Anjou H1J 1H5n514-355-7430nOwner (Head Scammer) : Slater, NormannCell # : 486-5296 nSound Illusion Productionn11820 Alexandre Lacoste, Montral H3M 1Z2n514-737-6949nHead Scammer : Unger, Jack nLeads Identified Van Scammers:nSiwik, Peter (514) 328-7704n 10194 avenue du Parc Georges, Montral-Nord H1H 4Y1nWilson, Mark (514) 521-8827n 4644 rue Boyer, Montral H2J 3E4nJan, Sandy (Office manager) (514) 845-1558n 3462 Aylmer , Montreal H2X 2B6n Hadjar, Ahmed (514) 342-1834n 4530 cote des Neiges, Montral H3V 1G1nHuard, Eric (514) 899-5286n 4123 boul. Lacordaire, Montral H1M 2N9nTurpin, Neil (514) 488-2680n 2155 ave. Prud’Homme, Montral H4A 3H3nSivret, Peter (514) 353-0960n 2171 Honor-Beaugrand, Montral H1L 5X6nGirard, Tony (514) 324-6870n 5280 de Seville #345nTovar, CarlosnWhite, CarlnLeads Scam Vehicles Montreal Area:n1)Black Suburban license plate FK13056 or similar truck like vehiclen2)Licence of the truck : F4Z 8746n3)Excursion nRelative Web nFor additional Info or have new Info, Please Contact Me:[email protected] nHow to find them:nOk so you feel you got “ripped off

your greed got the better of you there anyways

really want to get these guys then pick up the morning paper – it’s that easy ! Any large city you will find a “”Speaker Office”” look under general in the want ads find an ad for delivery or rock & roll

“”long hair ok. call it and go to the interview

thus you will find the “”Speaker Office”” hell they will train you to sell speakers then sell them out. nHow they operate:nAn Unethical Guide to the Street-Stereo Speaker Business: nDo you want to make money? Does the thought of bringing home a $1

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