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On January 15, 2018, I was contatcted my Ms. Misani Supre who was dying of cancer and needed someone to traek charge of her inheritance totaling $45,000,000 (Forty-Five million dollars). On january 16, 2018, I was contatced by Rick Rogers of Innovest Portfolio Solutions LLC. in Denver, CO. I was also to get additional documents such as: | 1) Power of Attorney (Purchased on February 2, 2018) | 2) Certificate of Depoist (Purchased on February 2, 2018) | 3) Change of Ownership Certificate (Purchaed on February 16, 2018) | After purchasing these documents, they monmey was suppose to be mines. On February 16, 2018, I received a notice from Yeshua Timothy needed $9,000 for a Charge of Transfer (C.O.T.) fee. There is no inidcation under law that a C.O.T. fee needs to be paid in order to be in charge of someone’s inheritance. I recived a noitce from TD Bank after filing a report with the Better Buinsess Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau stating that Yeshua Timothy is not an employee with TD Bank and that this was a scam. I went as far as filing a report with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office but even they were no help. I decided t file this report witht he Yscam because to let you know that Misanu Supre is not a real perosn but is being played by Rick Rogers. The email from Yeshua Timothy is again, being played by Rick Rogers. | Finally, under any circumtances, do not trust these two characters. Misani Supre is not a real person. When you type her name using Google Search, you will find out that this is a fraud. Hold on to your money. Whatever you do, do not trust Rick Rogers.

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