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This handicapping service posts picks every days for its members. They provide a range on the lines to give the client an idea of when to not bet if the line changes too much in one direction or the other. They rate their picks with either 2*, 3*, 4* or 5* picks and then based on the person’s bankroll they bet accordingly. | Currently on their website they have it listed that they are 26-13 over the last 17 days which would indicate they are hitting 66% of their bets when in reality they are 17-24 over that time frame or 41%. They have done this on multiple occassions where they overstated their winning percentage twice in August of 2017 always to be around 66 or 67% when both times they were under 50%. | They will not respond to emails regarding this misrepresentation. They conveniently do not post their previous picks so there is no way for someone to confirm their overstated number. Since I have joined they basically done nothing but loose with an overall winning percentage of about 46%. That is not my issue. | The issue is that one of the reasons I joined was because of these inflated stats on their website and I think a service promoting honesty and being a service someone can trust should be just that. I don’t want other new perspective clients to fall into the same trap I did. If they are loosing they should be stating that or state nothing on their website. You will never see them post a loosing day. | In addition they state their 5 star bets are hitting at 75% over a long period of time. That may be true but currently since I have joined their 5 star bets are hitting at 40%. Since they are mispresenting their recent stats over the last 17 days, it makes one wonder if they are also overstating the 5 star bets. | Any handicapping service can have a bad stint and clients need to be prepared to accept a monetary loss should that be the case, but having seen that they consistently mispresent their statisics on their website which is misleading and a lie, I feel I was misled into joining their service and want others to be aware that this handicapping service does not appear to be honest about their production and therefore they can’t be trusted.

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