INTEC College Complaint


After my 6th email and 1mil phone call to you in more than 1 year without any response, I just cannot take this anymore.I have been trying to phone you on every number I could find, but there is no answer, as I keep listening to music for hours.I even phoned the 0800- number I originally used, but the lady who answered completely REFUSED to assist me.I have also phoned your PE, Joburg and Cape Town branches, but they just say ‘I don’t know anything – I cannot help you, phone a Student Consultant’ – that’s their exact words.So finally I got a new number for someone named Dylan in Cape Town, but that phone also just ‘rings’ for hours on end. My wife and I simply wanted to update our details, but have struggled for 1year+ We have also noticed an error in our statements, as it seems that you have not entered some of our payments (which we pay faithfully every month) into your system, so our statements reflect ‘outstanding payments’, which we paid. We have tried to rectify this problem with you as well, but seeing that you do not answer your phones, nor reply to any emails and your Virtual Campus is also not working anymore, this seems pretty impossible.

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