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Complaint: i been getting phone calls from Integrity First Telesolutions Inc since from August. It is getting annoying. This regards my old mastercard debt called MBNA canada. The phone calls messages that says from the phone that ” This is not a sales or a telemarketing but we want to talk to you about an important business matter “” MBNA mastercard company has been raising my old mastercard debt since i last paid them. MBNA mastercard company brought this matter to Integrity First Telesolutions Inc. I tried to be reasonable to this guy on the phone name Jason W Brunet and the guy was a jerk. He was buying of what MBNA mastercard company that was telling them. After i paid my last payment at the bank for the MBNA mastercard i haven’t heard from since. The last time i heard from them was 2011 then after that i haven’t heard from them. Jason W. Brunet was arguing with me about the mastercard debit and he never wanted to write this off. P.S. I don’t want to hear from Integrity First Telesolutions because they don’t treat there customers fairly. I want this situation to be over i need some help over this. Racquel G Toronto

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Phone: 845 Wilson Ave North York, On M3K 1E6 North York, Ontario Canada

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