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I am not only utterly disappointed by the dismal service and support provided by Internap but even more so completely offended by the sheer lack of a spine the company has when it comes to handling contract disputes. Internap was contracted as a web hosting provider some time ago and throughout the contract length service has been riddled with failures and crashes. The icing on top of the cake has come about when services provided by Internap literally went down for weeks at a time, putting a full hold on daily operations. Over the past few months we have not been able to access the servers. After requesting several meetings and 2 months of run-around, they offered no valid reasoning but offered us another service. The service Internap has provided does not work as we discussed with them (as advertised) We finally said that we have to move to new provider when asking for cancelation, they said we would have to pay thousands in Early Termination Fees (ETFs). The original four components of what Internap had been contracted for all failed and at not a single point during support ticketing were these items resolved even though simple changes were all that needed to be made. Included and not limited to: Failure to provide proper access to perform necessary network alterations Important updates were refused to be performed by Internap even though originally part of the contract Various product components were not provided as to allow for full use of said services contracted Within the 4 month span of the major issues experienced there were upwards of 2 basic issues per day pertaining to inability to perform necessary tasks due to service dropoff. The contract guidelines supplied by Internap explicitly state the customers right to Credits and or Service Cancellation with a minimum of 4 recorded disputes. Internap now wishes to charge a tremendous amount of money in Early Termination Fees although services provided were “not as advertised” and “not as agreed upon” under contract terms. Support is abysmal. NOC managers do not respond in a timely manner and provide zero assistance in matters of support ticket failures. At every level these matters have been met with nothing but incompetence, lack of genuine care and utter failure in resolving any issues whatsoever. Avoid Internap at all costs. Absolutely the worst experience with a Hosting Provider ever.

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