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My husband suffered a traumatic brain injury in a serious motorcycle accident. As a result, he is partially paralyzed on his right side, he has diminished mental capacity and poor judgement, he makes exaggerated statements, and he has no filter. He was visiting with his neurologist Dr. Jonathan Fellus, and he told Fellus about being removed from the HUMC board of directors due to using expletives at a board meeting after he had donated a total of four million dollars to the Hospital (that amount was an exaggeration). Fellus offered to bring my husband to Philip DeFina at IBRF, who immediately told him he could become a board member there! DeFina asked us to begin by hosting a fundraiser for his non-profit foundation at our home and at a cost to us of $40,000, and we agreed. Before we even met to begin planning the fundraising event, DeFina proposed a three year $300,000 project to help with my husbandu2019s executive function (attention, judgement, etc.) and motor function in his right arm. He claimed that the assessment tools and treatment regimen would be customized by him and his specialized team of MDs and PhDs. (I later learned that DeFina is not qualified to treat anyone!!! He is not licensed!!!) I paid IBRF $25,000 on July 1 to begin the project. DeFina immediately began harassing me for more money, which made me nervous. He claimed that he would usually receive the full $300K up front, and he was doing me a favor by asking for only $100K on an annual basis. I wanted to pay $25K quarterly, but he would not accept that. This began smelling very fishy. I asked for a detailed invoice for the treatments he was proposing, which I received on July 22. The invoice indicated a total cost breakdown ranging between $372K and $389K, but we only needed to pay $300K. We decided to stop the process and asked for a partial refund of the $25,000 deposit. DeFina refused, stating that the costs incurred totaled $25,300, not even including fees for his time invested which would u201ceasilyu201d amount to an additional $25,000 on top of that. (All of this within just three weeks!) He claimed to have assembled a team of experts in brain rehabilitation, artificial intelligence and brain computer interface, and that he made payments to them for their work. I do not believe anything he told us. For our $25,000 we did not receive one report, not one piece of paper! With all of the work DeFina claims to have done, why not bring us in to see it? Because there was no work done, and I donu2019t even believe he made any payments for researchers to do any work on our project! DeFina is a swindler and a con artist! Whatever you do, DO NOT PAY DEFINA UPFRONT FOR ANYTHING, and get EVERYTHING IN WRITING FIRST! He will make your head spin with promises, then back-pedal and lie about what he said. He is a thief masquerading in Doctoru2019s clothing! Do not trust him, and do not use him as a middleman, pay your doctor directly!!!

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