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I was contacted by phone by Internet Biz System about becoming an Licensed Referral Agent for this company. The person who contacted me identified himself as Sgt. Mayweather who was retired, but represented Internet Biz System because they had helped him to retire and he wanted to tell others how they helped him retire. He explained how as a Licensed referral agent, I would find leads in several ways which they would help me. Once a lead was established, they would help these businesses in several ways as lowering credit card merchant fees, providing credit card point of sale machines, offering to fund the businesses operating capital, etc. He said that the law would not allow them to solicit leads and that liscensed agents were their way of getting leads. As an agent, once a business was accepted by them, I would be paid a commission on that business as follows: about 4% of businesses referred would be accepted and I would be paid $500 for each Credit Card machine they recieved. After that, I would recieve 1 and a half percent of that businesses monthly credit card sales. After I initially invested $895.99 via Mastercard on 09/02/2014, I was contacted by a person who identified himself as Todd Germaine Business Development Manager. He convinced me that a faster way to get referrals was to buy a list of 600 referrals for an additional $6,000.00 which I did on 09/03/2014 . He felt that I would recoup my initial investment before the end of the year. I was sent a rather lengthy contract about 12 pages or so with a loy of legal stuff and explaining that I could get out of contract with refund if I changed my mind within three days. I knew it would be several month before I would know if I made money, so I went on gut feelings that this was a legitimate deal. Their web site and sales people were very convincing. I am 70+ years old, and am caring for my ill wife, so I cannot leave home to work, but need an additional $500 per month to live comfortably. Mr. Germaine assured me that once I realized the potential that I would reinvest more as this initial investment would more than likely recoup my investment plus offer me monthly income beyond my explanations. The next person to contact me was Larry Butler who would be my campaign manager. He said I would make money in the following ways: first as the referrals (600) would be pre-approved a good rate would be 4% I would receive a 2% comission on money they borrowed for business purposes, The amount they were eligible for was 3 time their monthly sales and the average commission on these was around $4,00.00 The second way to get a commission was $500.00 for each terminal they woud recieve. The third was the monthly commission on that business monthly sales 1-2%. I recieved a disc with my 600 leads so I could follow the commission progress on a weekly basis. I then asked to be contacted by someone who could help me to find additional leads per my initial conversation with Sgt. Mayweather. I was told by Jim Harmon another campaign manager that a Dan Davis would contact me about this. My initial contact with him was cancelled due to my wife being admitted to the hospital unexpectantly. I finally made contact with him on October 6, 2014. Dan Davis helped me start an advertising campaign to obtain referral businesses using two internet advertisers. I placed classified ads in all 50 states advertising lower credit card fees. I placed almnost 900 ads in all states and interested businesses were to contact Internetbiz system on my behalf. As of today, I was never advised of any referrals this way. Those ads were to run for 9 months. I was to recieve another 600 leads in January as none of my referrals ever produced a commission. The last contact I had was an update on my dashboard on January 16, 2015. Cals to their contact numbers since have not been returned. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on January 22, 2015. .

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