Intershop International


I recieved a priority mail envelope with a letter saying Congratulations I had been pre-qualified to be in a secret shopper program. I was told to deposit a check for $2,620.00. When funds were available withdraw the cash and deduct my commission of $500.00. Then go on a shopping spree spending not more than $100.00. Then evaluate that transaction. Then purchase 2 Walmart gift cards for $500.00 each. This is to report slow service, missing funds and alternate service. Then go to another Walmart and do the same get 2 $500.00 cards. After exiting the store carefully scratch the back of all cards and send a clear picture of the scratched page of the card with receipts to them via text or email. Then I would get a survey form via email to fill out the personal experience with them. It was signed Sincerely, Research Manager Paul T. Wishart Intershop International, Inc.

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