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We purchased a pool that has the blow up ring back in 2000 from walmart that was made by this company and had excelent performance with this pool. But like most things now days they don’t last forever. So with liking that pool we purchase a 20×48 ultra frame pool at walmart made by the same company. We purchased this pool on May 20,2010. Needless to say we did not set it up the same day it was like 3 or 4 days after purchase that we set up this pool. After swimming in the pool for about a month we noticed a spring leak arround the area of the whit plastic strap that held the legs in place. As we looked at the leak it is where they joined the plastic strap plastic and pool liner together. This liner supposedly comes with a 90 day manufacturer warranty. But to the dispair we were told we had to send in a copy of the reciept, cut the intex logo of the liner out and send this in to have the liner replaced. Ok no problem. We spoke to the customer service reps and ask them since we put a patch on the liner to hold the water in what would be the latest date to send in the cut out of the liner and reciept. This was asked because we had already spent so much money on water to fill this pool and did not want to waste it, if we could prevent doing so. We were told after talking to this company that we would have until September 9, 2010 this was giving us extra days on our warranty which I thought was thoughful. However they kept no record of this conversation, nor did they keep any record of the notes. And yes people I did not get a name of the gentleman I spoke with. Today is August 27, 2010 and called to verify what address we needed to send this cut out of the liner too. After asking 5 times I finally got the address. But they said I needed to cut out more pieces than just the one that was originally stated. Now I needed to cut out the Logo, drain, a piece of the floor, and the problem area. Ok so now the rules have changed in mid stream. Not only did I not get the email from intex that had the claim forms in them, I also asked them to pay for me having to send them pieces of the pool that should not really have had a problem in the first place. After spending money on buying the saltwater system, and a bigger pump made by this company I find the least they could or would have done is pay for me haveing to send this. After about 1200.00 dollars I now have yet to get something resolved. I would like to advise people on being cautious with this company. They sure want to sell you something but they sure dont want to replace anything. The warranty process with this company is the worst and they do that just so you dont get anything. I have not filed a complaint with the better business bureau but am thinking about it. I am just asking for this company to replace what was purchased. I find that a company that sells something and will not replace a product that is defective, and is obvious that it is a defect is just out to steal the consumers money and has no intention on correcting the issue. After speaking with walmart I was advised that I should have returned the item and exchanged it. People even though it says dont take back to the store you still can. This pool and the box says in big letter do not take back to store. Call this 800 number. Final words is I would like people to know the experience that I have been through and hope they would use this as a tool on their purchase. Hopefully a pool company in the area would have a much better deal for the long haul than a quick fix to something that might cause issues down the road. My main point is buy a pool from a local merchant and leave this company alone.

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