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Please read following exchanges, 6 months after order placed, before you engage with INTIRIUM, which shows all signs of a scam. This is their 7th attempt to justify non-delivery of order. Scam facts: n1. No customer’s reviews on Googlen2. Registered but not physically located in the UKn3. No wish to accomodate customer’s requests, but trying to claim “not being involved””n4. Seeking any pretense to not deliver (like your building’s insurance is unusual…)n5. Responding quickly from a generic emailn6. Constant attempts to threaten customern7. Removing negative reviews instead of addressing them nME: nDon’t worry I think he will be able to send one email to them. What I understand less

is your absolute lack of e-reputation (while you seem to operate since 2007)

or that you write from “”Nadia Homa””‘s email. Strange


the one and only review you do have: on a very minor site

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