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My company received a payment of $8450.00 thru our Intuit Payment Merchant Account, and due to the size of the transaction it was flagged and sent to the Risk department, which I can kind of understand, because our normal transactions are in the $400-$1500 range. Immediately I received an email stating that the charge had been flagged as a risk, but that is the last thing that happened immediately. I was assigned a rather androgenous risk manager by the name of Polly Roberts that had no urgency or personality, who asked for 6 months of bank statements and the invoice associated with the charge. The payment was made in response to over 7 invoices spanning a 4 month period, so I forwarded all of this information to Ms. Roberts and after 2 weeks of an investigation was told that Intuit would deposit $5000.00 into my bank account, but would hold the remainder for 6 months. This was not an acceptable option to me, as the funds were already past due, and she had already confirmed with my client that the charges were in fact valid, so I asked what my option was, and she said I could reverse the transaction and attempt to collect funds another way. I went that route, and it has been 3 days, and they still have not credited my client, so he can pay us through an alternate way. They also sent an email to me stating that my merchant account would be terminated after the other 4 charges they had already accepted, but not posted to my account cleared. Intuit Merchant Services is an unethical and terrible choice for a merchant service provider and after this incident I am now going to switch accounting software as well. I will no longer support companies that perform criminal activity such as this, and will ensure that every client I have is warned to stay away from them.

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