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Complaint: In September, 2003 I invented a product called the Relax Entertainment center that had a fish take the would have multiple lights to change the color of the tank inside giving the consumer a more relaxed induced feeling I reached out to them from a tv commercial. I contacted them in January 2004, they contacted me back by phone and encouraged me about my idea,we discuss how much it would cost for them to help me with my product. February 2004 I agreed to let them help me I mailed the a check in the amount of 2,500,00 which suppose to help me with advance development agreement and all I got was hundred of companies name and numbers.. I feel like I was scammed and later I called the and found to my disbelief they had moved and had taken down there web site .. Please help..

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Address: 2655 Lejeune Road/Suite 550 Coral Gables, Florida United States

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: 800-940-9020

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