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where to start i came up with an idea in approximately 1999 i called it my collapsible christmas tree instead of having to put all the color coded limbs together it would be nice just to have a christmas tree that you can turn up side down and the limbs would fold down and right side up they would hang in to position and be attached to the center peace permanentely so i came up with an idea to connect the limbs to the center piece with a pivoting attachment i figured it out ant then seen a commercial on tv about inventors need help with an idea i made the call and received in the mail a packet i filled it out and sent in my drawing of my idea the collapsible christmas tree i received a phone call from a man i believe his name was Gary Sherman he said that it was a great idea and he wanted to help me get it going so i said cool what do we have to do and he i turn said marketing research and the patient lawyer would cost just to get it started was 10.000 dollars in 1999 that was as much as me and my wife made in a full year i told him that i cant come up with that much he said he would see what he could do and told me that he would get back with me so i waited for approximately 3 weeks or more he contacted me and told me that the could get it going for 5.000 dollars i told him right away i could not do that much and if there were a way that i could make a percentage a small one just to get it going and he said again he would see what he could do to make a long story i told him after several trys just to forget it and that was the last time i herd from him a year later i picked up a christmas tree that some one threw away and when i got it home i was in dismay it was my idea he told me that he was going to make me rich all i got was a kick in the face and my dream stole from me and to this day every christmas tree i have owned is excactly my idea and the one im setting up for christmas is the same and all i feel like im getting from my idea is making someone else rich for my idea he told me on the phone that in 2 years he would make me a millionaire and the they would make me an offer to buy me out from my idea i think he said that they would have to make me an offer for at least 4 years of sales now i dont know but its been now 23 years since that night in oklahoma city oklahoma when i made the call but there has been 100`s of thousands of the trees with my ideas on them sold and i never received a penny for my idea ya know i may never ever receive a dime but just to have the recognition of it being my idea i know it will never happen but i feel like this gary sherman owes me an explanation to why he stole millions from a man that never had anything and may never ever have anything thanks for listening to me as far as proof he had the only proof i had he wanted the original drawing to get things going i wish i had known then what i know now i would have had it copy righted for a little of nothing then i could have protected myself in this thanks

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